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Embedded Technologies Tackle Video Processing Challenges

With video now a critical centerpiece of situational awareness, embedded computing solutions are tasked for processing, distributing and displaying growing amounts of captured video information. A new crop of board- and box-levels solutions are feeding those needs.

Synthetic Instrumentation Eases ATE Obsolescence Woes

ATE obsolescence can be a costly long-term problem. By moving to modular, software defined synthetic instrumentation, system developers can enjoy a new path toward efficient test operations.

Major DoD Programs Budget Emphasizes Cost-Effectiveness

The 2015 Defense Budget Request balances modernization with the need to accommodate the nation’s fiscal challenges. A focus on technology upgrades to existing platforms along with an overall network-centric strategy means embedded computing has a key role to play.

FPGA Processing Boards Ride Signal Processing Wave

As FPGA chip vendors continue to bulk up and enhance their offerings, FPGA processing board vendors are developing more powerful solutions aimed at military signal processing system designs.

April 2014: Inside Track

The Inside Track gives engineers and managers a current and objective look at the events of the military and aerospace industry as seen by our expert editorial staff.



Cots Suppliers Index

Strengthen your search efforts for COTS embedded Military Electronics. Web search engines only get you so far – especially if you're trying to find companies that make the right class of COTS product you need for your next system design.See More...


Unmanned Systems Investment


Small 25-Watt DC/DC Converter Provides 2:1 Input

ConTech has announced the “QMS” Series of DC/DC converters. The QMS Series offers up to 25 watts of fully regulated output power. The series offers a 2:1 input range with nominal input voltages of 12, 24 and 48 VDC. Single outputs offered are 3.3, 5, 12 and 15 VDC. Dual outputs are +/-12 and +/-15 VDC. The footprint used on the 1 x 1-inch package is same as that of an industry standard 1 x 2-inch. The QMS Series operates withRead More...