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VME and VPX Follow Parallel and Overlapping Paths

The long staple of the industry, VME, and the firmly established OpenVPX. each offer different advantages. As the technologies move forward, their courses both intersect and diverge.

Organizations Enhance Methods of Handling Board- and IC-Level Obsolescence

There’s no getting away from the growing problem of obsolescence in this industry. But thanks to a contingent of distributors and specialty engineering firms and government groups, there are a lot of resources to help mitigate such issues.

DoD’s Unmanned Ground Vehicle Goals Strive for Autonomy

With a proven legacy of success, unmanned ground vehicles are ready to evolve to the next generation of DoD vision and requirements. Modularity, cost and autonomous operation are leading priorities on the roadmap for USVs in the future.

VME SBCs Keep Refresh Alive with New Technology

Especially in this era of tight defense budgets, VME provides an ideal form factor to fuel strategies of upgrading existing platforms and refreshing their embedded computing technologies.

March 2014: Inside Track

The Inside Track gives engineers and managers a current and objective look at the events of the military and aerospace industry as seen by our expert editorial staff.



Cots Suppliers Index

Strengthen your search efforts for COTS embedded Military Electronics. Web search engines only get you so far – especially if you're trying to find companies that make the right class of COTS product you need for your next system design.See More...


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Fanless Embedded Box PCs Powered by Core i7


Advantech has announced the new ARK-3500 and ARK-3510 series of fanless embedded box PCs. They are powered by 3rd generation Intel mobile QM77, and support up to a Core i7 quad core processor. ARK-3500 series boasts versatile expansions-2 PCI, PCIe x1, PCIe x4, MIOe module and 2 MiniPCIe to fulfill diverse applications. Complete storage options include 2 hard drives or SSD/ 2 mSATA/ Cfast, and there is also optional wirelessRead More...