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3U CompactPCI SBC Family Is Cold Plate Cooled

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Fan cooling isn’t acceptable in most deployed military systems. That has forced military SBC developers to constantly innovate their passive cooling technologies. Along such lines,

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) has introduced a new family of compact, conduction-cooled rugged ½ ATR-style 3U CompactPCI systems. The MPMC-931x family of Multi-Platform Mission Computers comes in five standard configurations. Each of these fully developed system configurations features an integrated 28 VDC power supply and either a DCP-124P SBC Power Architecture 7448 SBC or a DCP-1201 Intel Core2 Duo SBC. In addition, the MPMC-931x couples these processing capabilities with a variety of I/O modules to meet specific program requirements such as graphics, ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, Gigabit Ethernet Switching and more.

The MPMC-931x provides high functional density in a small package. As a cold plate cooled system, the MPMC-931x is designed for reliable operation in harsh environments. Packaged in an ultra compact form factor and equipped with reliable, industry-leading processing solutions, the MPMC-931x has all the elements required of modern mission computers in space and/or weight-constrained applications. Optimal system cooling is ensured via thermal transfer between card edges of its conduction-cooled 3U cPCI cards and the base of the system enclosure. Environmental and EMI sealing is employed for accommodation of a wide variety of deployed platforms and environments. The MPMC-931x uses advanced packaging techniques to provide advanced processing power in a rugged enclosure that measures a compact 141.5 cubic inches and a lightweight 4.5 lb, yet is able to operate and survive in external air temperatures of 55°C using a cold plate cooling approach.

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