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Platform Bridges Gap between ATCA and MicroTCA

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ATCA is a large footprint form factor and offers extreme computing power, making it ideal for core network applications, but it is not very flexible or scalable. MicroTCA is a small footprint form factor, ideal for military Edge-based applications, but does not scale up well. PT is announcing a new product branded as MONTEREY 8000 that bridges the gap between AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA. This leaves many Aggregation-layer applications caught in the middle; demanding a mid-size compromise that has plenty of performance and high-speed bandwidth, but in a cost-effective smaller footprint with flexibility and modularity. PICMG emerged with the MicroTCA.4 specification, also known as MTCA.4.

The Monterey 8000 platform, based on the Enhanced MicroTCA.4 specification along with high-performance processing, high-speed IP-based fabric switching, and integrated Linux OS, middleware and protocols, is highly tuned for next generation networking applications. The platform supports 12 AdvancedMC modules with Rear Transition Modules. Redundant 10GbE to AMCs is provided with 40GbE aggregated uplinks. Layer 2/3 Ethernet management is supported and the system provides carrier grade, five-nines availability with complete redundancy.

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