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Demo Kit Promotes Engagement in Open goJTAG Initiative

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Within the framework of the goJTAG initiative, Goepel Electronic has developed a new demonstration kit. In addition to the USB 2.0 controlled Boundary Scan controller PicoTAP and respective software, it contains a specific demo board for practical exercises. The initiative founded by various universities and the company Testonica Lab, pursues the goal of providing the industry JTAG/Boundary Scan tools and knowledge based on an independent and non-commercial platform, sustainably accelerating the wide adoption of standardized IEEE 1194.x test methods. The open-source project goJTAG provides IEEE 1149.1 training software that can be run in both simulation mode as well as online mode. The tool enables numerous graphical displays on various levels. In the online mode users are able to utilize the software for the new demo board for individual projects without restrictions. The goJTAG software includes simulation components that fully reveal every single bit of movement along the scan chains with a single TCK precision.

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