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Rugged Military Grade 1U LCD Keyboard Drawers Provide Side Access

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The CCXR-17 Slideways 1U rackmount LCD keyboard drawer provides unique side access usage for space-constrained applications. It is military grade providing rugged 5052-H32 aluminum construction, 17-inch 1280x1024 resolution, bonded Anti-Reflective glass contrast enhancement filter, NEMA-4 / IP65 sealed keyboard and a rugged 4-port KVM. A contrast enhancing glass Anti-Reflective (AR) filter is bonded to the LCD for superior contrast in high bright environments. A separate bonded layer provides an ITR EMI filter across the face of the display. A military grade Genesis LCD controller provides a mix of features with aRGB VGA and DVI-D video inputs. The controller is conformal coated for environmental and shock/vibration protection and supports an operating temperatures of -40° to +80°C.

Two keyboards are offered providing either 133 keys and a Hula point mouse device or 97 keys with a touch pad. Both keyboards are sealed silicon rubber and provide full travel with tactile feedback for ease of typing and are sealed to NEMA-4 / IP65 standards. The 97-key keyboard is also backlit for use in low light situations. Both keyboards provide a spill proof system impervious to spills such as Coke or coffee, common in the rugged environments these are installed into.

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